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Review: Act Clear from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 by Hyper_Sonic (2)

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Minor improvements

These are some simple actions that would improve the quality of the arrangement, increasing its readability and attractiveness:

  1. Split those beams! Every time you let your music notation software write a beam over a rest, God kills a kitten. And if you do it yourself on purpose, He kills two kittens! Or two puppies. It's also possible that He doesn't care at all. Either way, those beams look terrible 99% of times. Please split them.

  2. Improvement 1

  3. Reorder figure values to increase readability. For example at the end of the second bar. You can get lost trying to read that rhythm!

  4. Improvement 2

  5. When using slurs on multiple notes of a chord, if the stem of the chord is pointing downwards, use concave slurs. If the stems are pointing upwards, use convex slurs. Or use different curvatures for each slur, as if you were partially drawing an ellipse. It looks better. In our opinion.

  6. Improvement 3

  7. If you have two voices on a single staff, let the stems on each voice point to different directions. It will be easier to differentiate the voices.

  8. Improvement 4

  9. Listen to the original music. The last note lasts about 3 or 4 beats. We don't know for sure, so let's just write a fermata!

  10. Improvement 5

  11. Listen to the music again. The last note of the first bar and the third note of the second bar are longer than one eighth note. Let's fix that.

  12. Improvement 6

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Musical Comments

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