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Are you having problems downloading or opening our files? Don't worry! Here we cover everything you need to know to get the most out of this website!

PDF files

Sheet music files are in PDF format. PDF files have the following icons on Game Music Themes:

PDF of Difficulty 0 PDF of Difficulty 1 PDF of Difficulty 2 PDF of Difficulty 3 PDF of Difficulty 4 PDF of Difficulty 5

PDF of Difficulty 6 PDF of Difficulty 7 PDF of Difficulty 8 PDF of Difficulty 9 PDF of Difficulty 10

As you can see, they have a numerical and colour code that determine how difficult the piece is, from 0 (very easy) to 10 (very difficult). In order to see these files you'll need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader. Modern Internet browsers like Chrome can see them as well.

MIDI files

MIDI files are sound files that occupy very little memory. They also have bad quality, but they offer many advantages over other sound formats to those who like to tinker with music. They have this icon on Game Music Themes:

MIDI file

You'll need a music player that supports MIDI to listen to them. Windows Media Player is a good choice. You already have it if you use Windows.

MP3 files

This is the most extended sound format. We use this icon on Game Music Themes to represent an MP3 file:

MP3 file

You'll need a music player to listen to these files. We consider the best is VLC media player. Modern Internet browsers like Chrome can play them as well.


Synthesia is a video game and piano keyboard trainer for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, which allows you to play a MIDI keyboard or use a computer keyboard in time to a MIDI file by following on-screen directions, much in the style of Keyboard Mania or Guitar Hero. Synthesia links are represented with this icon on Game Music Themes:

Synthesia link

We've wanted this site to be useful even for those who can't read sheet music yet. If you have Synthesia installed, you'll be able to see how any piece we have is played. In order to do so:

  • Download Synthesia for free.
  • Install Synthesia.
  • Run Synthesia once and then close it.
  • Click our Synthesia icons (in case you are on the webpage of a single game) or click on View on Synthesia (in case you are on the webpage of a single theme). Your browser may ask you for permission to open Synthesia. Allow it.
  • Now you can see the notes that are written on the sheet music falling over a keyboard!

If you have some piano experience, you can also battle other pianists through Synthesia for the highest score in Song Recital mode! In order to do this:

  • Register on the Synthesia Talk forums.
  • Link your account to Synthesia (launch Synthesia, go to Settings - User Profiles, and add your profile from the forum [Synthesia Online]).
  • Click on Play on Synthesia links found on the individual pages of each theme.

You can use either a computer keyboard or a MIDI piano keyboard connected to your computer to compete (although you won't get far with a computer keyboard...). In order to see the leaderboard of each piece, click on the link Show scores. They can be found on the individual pages of every theme.

Read the Synthesia FAQ if you want to know more.

MuseScore files

MuseScore is a free scorewriter for Windows, OS X, and Linux. We use this icon on Game Music Themes to represent a MuseScore file:

MuseScore file

You'll need to download and install MuseScore to open these files.

Finale files

Finale is the flagship program of a series of proprietary scorewriters created by MakeMusic for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Finale is regarded as one of the industry standards for notation software. We use this icon on Game Music Themes to represent a Finale file:

Finale file

You may download and install the trial version in order to see these files.

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