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Game Music Themes is a website that provides free resources for aspiring musicians to learn how to play their favourite video game music themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game Music Themes?

Game Music Themes is a website that allows you to upload videos of yourself playing video game music to YouTube, enjoy the sound of video games on your own instrument or show off in front of your gamer friends. And maybe even surprise that special someone you like by playing music from his/her favourite video game! How is this possible? Because here you can download fan-made high quality piano arrangements (sheet music) from several video game music themes for free. You'll find as well other resources that will help you on your quest to learn how to play this wonderful music.

How did it all begin?

As game music was increasing in popularity during the mid '00s, Gori Fater realized there was a very reduced number of websites that offered sheet music for those who wanted to play it. He began arranging some game music themes manually, but soon realized that wasn't a very nice way to share his creations with the community. After some experiments with Finale and HTML, the web "GF Video Game Sheet Music" was born, consisting of a title and three links to the first three arrangements he made: "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog, "Final Bowser" from Super Mario 64 and "Koopa Kid" from Super Mario Bros 3. Later, other arrangers joined him submitting their works and the web changed its name to Game Music Themes.

Who is Gori Fater?

Gori Fater is a n00b webmaster. He has also made some of the arrangements you'll find around here, but that doesn't make him less n00b.

How do I get the sheet music?

Simple: right-click the little sheet music icon of the piece you want to download and select "Save Target As". After that, go to the directory where you want to keep it and click Accept. Don't email poor Gori Fater asking for especific sheets; if you can't find them here we most surely haven't got them yet. Try to find them somewhere else or buy commercial sheet music books.

Where is the sheet music for the Main Theme of The Legend of Zelda?

You are probably looking for the Overworld Theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Why have some arrangements been removed?

Because their arranger requested us to do so.

Isn't what you do illegal? I mean, this music is copyrighted, isn't it?

Yes, the music we work with is copyrighted, but we don't think we are doing something illegal; in United States copyright law, there is a doctrine that permits in some cases the use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders called Fair Use. For example, when said material is being used for educational purposes. We believe Fair Use allows us to share our arrangements with you because:

  • The purpose of the sheet music offered here is to educate you on how to play the music found in some video games. For free.

  • The original copyrighted work is a piece of music, but we are not directly copying any part of it; we listen to it and write down its notes, creating never-before-seen sheet music so as it can be played on an instrument.

  • As far as we are aware, our arrangements are different from the few ones that are commercially available, which we encourage our visitors to buy. No one is going to give as a present a bunch of printed sheets from this site. In fact, we believe that websites like Game Music Themes are driving and increasing demand for official products related to game audio.

  • If our music sheets have any effect upon the market of the original product then it must be a positive one, since we are directing the attention of the public to this great music, sparking musical curiosity in the way on the younger segment of the population.

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