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At Game Music Themes we believe that musical education, because of its many benefits, should be part of everyone's curriculum. We also think that music has been taught the same way for too long, or more concretely, that the pieces a music student is expected to study are not very inspiring or interesting for today's pupils. Just as you wouldn't try to convert your mother into a gamer by making her play Grand Theft Auto, nowadays it's increasingly difficult that people get interested in learning how to play an instrument by showing them an old and boring Johann Sebastian Bach score. What can be done then?

We have found one answer: let them play the music they like. For example, the music from their favourite video games. Since we began distributing high-quality video game sheet music in this website, we've received many thank-you emails from music students who became so because they really liked the sound of our arrangements. Hearing the music from video games played on a classical instrument such as the piano was something that sparked their interested and inspired them enough to make the step and study music. We want this trend to continue, so we are here to:

  • Provide free resources for aspiring musicians to learn how to play their favourite video game music themes.

  • Educate society on the quality and special characteristics of video game music.

  • Encourage artistic expression and development through fan arrangements and music covers.

  • Act as a source of information for those who wish to learn how to arrange and play music.

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