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Submission Agreement

The submitting artist(s) shall hereinafter be referred to as YOU, and Game Music Themes and its direct constituents shall hereinafter be referred to as Game Music Themes.

  • By submitting material YOU are granting Game Music Themes a non-exclusive, sub-licensable, perpetual and universal license to use, distribute, perform, and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media or technology.

  • By submitting material, YOU indicate that YOU are the sole owner(s) of the material and contributor(s) to the arrangement of said material in the form of a derivative work, as defined by the current Submission Rules and subject to review.

  • YOU retain ownership and copyright of all original material submitted in this fashion to Game Music Themes.

  • This license applies to any and all material YOU may have submitted prior to the effect of this agreement.

  • This license explicitly prohibits Game Music Themes from distributing submitted materials for for-profit endeavors. All revenue generated by advertising presented in the context of submitted materials will be used for costs directly associated with the operation and promotion of Game Music Themes.

  • Evaluation and acceptance or rejection of submitted materials is under the sole discretion of Game Music Themes. Game Music Themes reserves the right to remove submitted materials at any time due to violations of the current Submission Rules or requests by third party copyright holders.

  • YOU are free to distribute and/or license these materials elsewhere, so long as they are not attributed to Game Music Themes, and such distribution or licensing does not conflict with the terms of this agreement. Game Music Themes maintains sole control of the distribution of materials under its name, as designated by the link to included in the arrangements or other indicators clearly establishing attribution of works to Game Music Themes.

  • This license may be terminated at any time if both YOU and Game Music Themes agree to the termination.

  • Game Music Themes in no way indemnifies YOU from legal action on the part of third party copyright holders.

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