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Technical stuff

Game Music Themes is hosted by SiteGround under the Apache webserver, and is written entirely in XHTML. We once had a PHP version with MySQL databases and bells and whistles, but the server we had wasn't good enough to handle all the traffic, so we went back to a static structure. This is all we can afford with the huge amount of donations we get.

It's something! It's something! It's something!

Gori Fater performed all the site coding and design. And he's such a boring perfectionist that he took the care to create an interoperable website: all the XHTML code in every page (except some Facebook stuff... And surprisingly some Google code too!) has been validated by the WC3 Markup Validation Service and all the CSS code by the the WC3 CSS Validation Service. What a loss of time! As if anybody cared! (Facebook certainly doesn't...)

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