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Web History

Since this web started in 2005 we've reached several milestones. Here is a selection of them:

  • Last days of of August, 2005: After a hot summer, Gori Fater creates his first website, hosted at the free web host GF Video Game Sheet Music ( is born with the goal of sharing his video game sheet music creations in a moment when they were a very scarce resource in the Internet. Click here to go back in time.

    Game Music Themes Version 0

  • September, 2005: w3sp joins Gori Fater and submits his arrangements to GF Video Game Sheet Music. The web gets a cute logo image and a new design consisting of two neat and very beautiful HTML tables worthy of the highest standards of the twentieth century Internet technology. Simply amazing.

    Game Music Themes Version 1

  • December, 2005: after many days adding new arrangements and the huge success of Gori Fater's Sonic Piano Video, more arrangers join his project, and it's time to redesign everything again. Tables and more tables fill the site, which got a new professional logo and its content divided into several pages. There are now some instructions for submitting sheet music and even a new Video section. The web has over 100 arrangements available. Unbelievable.

    Game Music Themes Version 2

  • April, 2006: the limitations of the free web host, like the maximum file size of 200KB, are killing the expansion of the site, which now holds over 200 arrangements. And also, since there are now several arrangers submitting their works, there's no reason to continue using the "GF" prefix on the web's name. GF Video Game Sheet Music moves its content to and changes its name to Game Music Themes. Now it has got its own domain name! There's also a new section for Recordings. But not everything is good news: Gori Fater learned how to use iframes and made a peculiar redesign... Check it out yourself.

    Game Music Themes Version 3

  • July, 2006: the administration of the website, including the evaluation of all the materials that are being submitted daily, tires Gori Fater, who eventually stops arranging and dedicates every free moment he has to correct other people's stuff. He puts the project aside for a few months to focus on his studies.

  • March, 2007: Game Music Themes resuscitates with a new dynamic design based on PHP. New MySQL databases have been created to manage the sheets and all elements linked to them, like MIDI files, mp3 recordings and video performances; the process of updating the site is greatly simplified.

    Game Music Themes Version 4

  • November, 2008: Game Music Theme's web host complains about the amount of bandwidth and resources the web uses, so it goes back to a static structure, but keeping its design. The Videos section and the Recordings section are removed. Gori Fater finds out his arrangements are being sold at eBay by master-sayien, a guy called Dimitri Jevaguine in real life who also sells illegally other products created by other people in digital format. After being contacted, Dimitri refuses to stop selling the arrangements. Also, several websites plagiarize the content on Game Music Themes by opening the MIDI files. These events make Gori Fater a sad panda and Game Music Themes is abandoned for a long time. Submissions stop being accepted and MIDIs are removed...

    Sad panda :(

  • September, 2010: all arrangements are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

  • May, 2011: just for experimenting with web technology, Gori Fater remakes Game Music Themes with JavaScript/DOM and a new interactive logo with some HTML5 elements. It proves to be a bad decision, because Google doesn't index the elements that are retrieved from XML files when the page loads, and Internet Explorer just doesn't support the technology, as expected. A section to Request arrangements is created.

    Game Music Themes Version 5

  • October, 2013: Game Music Themes is once more remade, this time with valid XHTML (except some Facebook stuff...). A store is added along with new resources such as tutorials to continue helping everybody to learn how to play video game music. Submissions are once again accepted. MIDIs are back. In the dawn of the eighth generation of game consoles, we feel once again filled with energy and inspiration to continue our task, just as we were when we began in 2005, and are eager to discover what new video game music will be composed for the new games. The game music landscape has changed a lot during the last years, and it's funny to see how many of today's best known game music performers and arrangers took their first steps submitting their works to this site. Kyle Landry, Laura Intravia, w3sp... And the humble webmaster of Game Music Themes, Gori Fater. Who knows what the future will hold for this web?

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