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If you are looking for sheet music for a musical theme and can't find anything that satisfies you, we may be able to help you. At Game Music Themes we've been arranging professionally since we started in the year 2005. And we haven't arranged only music from video games; we also have experience with movie themes, classical music, rock, pop... The process of arranging is the same, no matter the style of the music: we study the structure of the piece, carry out a macro analysis and then carefully listen to every note played. Then we place the most meaningful notes manually on the staves, little by little, making sure the piece is playable and the theme is easily recognizable. Lastly we add expression marks and dynamics, adjusting the layout so as the arrangement looks great and is simple to read. Sometimes we add small embellishments, complete chords or duplicate notes on other octaves to enhance the sound and character of the arrangement.

You may have already downloaded some sheet music from this site, so you know the quality you can expect. We've got over seven years of arranging experience and pride ourselves on the high level of accuracy, beauty and completeness of our piano scores. The grade of detail our arrangements shine with is difficult to match. Although we usually arrange music for advanced musicians, we have no problem if you'd like us to create an arrangement aimed at pianists with a lower performance level. We work with the program Sibelius 7, one of the most powerful scorewriters with the most beautiful musical fonts.

Beautiful sheet music

Our commission depends on several factors:

  • The complexity of the piece: the more difficult the music is to arrange, the longer it'll take to do it.
  • The length of the piece: if it's a very long piece, it will usually take longer to arrange. However, this might not be true in case it has many repetitions.
  • The performance level you'd like us to have in mind during the arranging process: beginner, intermediate or advanced. You may as well simply state the piano grade you are in (1 to 10, although this may vary between countries) and we'll do something suitable for you.
  • Whether you wish to own the copyright of the work we make for you or not.
  • The deadline you give us to finish our work.
  • Our current amount of workload.

Some additional information:

  • We are specialized on piano arrangements, but can make sheet music for other instruments, ensembles or orchestras as well.
  • Mood-setting music, ambiental themes, or themes with too much percussion, sound effects or long sustained notes might not translate well into a musical piece. We will make our best with them though.
  • You assume the responsibility for obtaining all necessary permissions from copyright holders in case you wish us to arrange music copyrighted by a third party.
  • We take our job seriously, so you will be required to sign a Musical Arrangement Commission Contract in case we take your commissioned request. It will be a simple contract with basic information about our agreement like this one.

We also offer other services. Here is the full list:

  • Arranging: we can make music sheets for any instrument or combination of instruments from any musical theme.
  • Transcribing: we can make an exact transcription of a musical theme so as you know what notes the instruments it contains play.
  • Transposing: are the notes too high or too low for your performers? We can re-write music sheets to a new key and solve your problem.
  • Engraving: we can take your handwritten sheet music and convert it to digital format.

We will require you to provide us with a source musical theme or, in case you'd like us to engrave your handwritten stuff or transpose a score, some sheet music scans. You will in all cases receive a PDF file containing our work and a rendition of it made by a computer in MP3 format. If you explicitly ask us, we'll send you as well a MIDI file and the SIB (Sibelius 7) file we made.

Contact us

Do you think we can help you? Then send us an email to this address: Include the following information about your request:

  • The name of the musical theme.
  • The composer of the piece.
  • A link to the source music or an attachment with the music file. For transposing or engraving services, some scans in PDF or any image format.
  • The instrument(s) you'd like us to make the arrangement for.
  • The performance level you'd like the music to be arranged for.
  • Whether you'd like to own the copyright of the work we make or not.
  • A deadline to finish our work.

When we review your request we will get back to you with information about our commission and a draft of the Contract.

Thanks for choosing us!

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