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At Game Music Themes we usually arrange musical themes from video games we've previously played. We've had a fair amount of success this way; our visitors enjoy our arrangements and the most important search engines consider this web the go-to place to get video game sheet music. Still, we haven't played all video games in the market, and we might be missing many musical gems which deserve to have an arrangement of their own. Here is where you can help us: we would like to know what you'd like to see arranged. You've got several ways to send us your request:

Use the following format to give us information about the musical theme you'd like us to arrange:

  • Name of the theme: how is the theme called? If it hasn't got a formal name that you are aware of, say it here.
  • Game where it appears: in what video or computer game is the theme used? If it's used in several games, please find out in which one was the first time it could be heard.
  • System: in what video game or computer system was published the game? If it's a multiplatform game, indicate the most popular platforms the game could be played on.
  • Link to source music: include a link to a YouTube video or any other website where we can listen to the theme. If you send your request by email you may attach a sound file (in MP3 format, please).
  • Short explanation: tell us the situation in which the theme is heard, or a link to a video with game footage where we can see it. This is important for us to determine the mood of the piece.

Some guidelines on what themes you may or may not request:

  • The theme must have actually been used in the game; a bonus track off a commercial game soundtrack does not qualify.
  • The theme must have been composed specifically for the game or first published (or recognized) as the game's soundtrack. Movie themes such as the ones found in some Disney-licensed video games do not qualify.
  • You may request sound effects if they are composed of musical notes. But not if they are mostly white noise.
  • Themes from games that are shareware, freeware, or personal projects may or may not be accepted at our discretion.

Some additional information:

  • We only arrange for piano at the moment. You may ask for ensembles or orchestral arrangements if there's a blue moon tonight.
  • Orchestral or ambiental themes might not translate well into a piano piece. Music with too much percussion, sound effects or long sustained notes is not going to sound that well when played on a piano.
  • Short themes with few instruments playing clear melodies are easier to arrange, so we prefer those. :-P
  • When we add a new arrangement we announce it through the usual social media channels: Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. If you requested by email you'll also receive an email telling you your request has been done.

Hire us

Although we do take into account the requests we receive when deciding what we will arrange next, we don't guarantee your request will be done. If you want to assure yourself that we will make an arrangement of your request, you should turn it into a commissioned work. Read more here.

Interesting Requests

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