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Review: Act Clear from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 by Hyper_Sonic


Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 3

System: Sega Genesis (SG)

Composers: Brad Buxer, Cirocco Jones, Michael Jackson, Sachio Ogawa, Masaru Setsumaru, Yoshiaki Kashima, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Tomonori Sawada, Masayuki Nagao, Jun Senoue, Miyoko Takaoka and Masanori Hikichi

Length: 0:05 (main theme), 0:03 (final sound effect)

Key: G major

Original music: Listen on YouTube

So, let's see...

This is a very short piece, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be arranged with the same care as longer themes. In fact, if your arrangement is short we will expect it to look and sound really well. If we find a formatting error on a 10-page arrangement, we might let it pass. If we spot the same error on a very short one, we'll most likely ask you to fix it.

Click here to see the original submission file: PDF

Original Submission

Critical corrections

Did you find any mistakes on the original file? No? OK, this submission doesn't look too bad. At first sight, the format seems correct and it's perfectly playable. It's a nice touch that Hyper_Sonic took the effort to use Sonic the Hedgehog's original font on the title. However, there are four issues why this submission in its current state would be rejected:

  1. The copyright notice at the bottom has ortographic errors. If you check out the template we give you at the Submit section, you'll see it clearly: the word music shouldn't be capitalized, the word lisenced should be licensed and the word lisence should be license (consider us grammar nazis if you wish!).

  2. Error 1

  3. If you open the PDF and go to File --> Properties, you'll see it's using a Letter format. We only accept A4.

  4. Error 2

  5. The key of the theme is G major but there's no key signature. It might be a bit difficult to determine the key when there's so little music available, but you must try!

  6. Error 3

  7. The note Db on the first bar should be C#. The chord which contains it could be a secondary dominant or part of G major lydian.

  8. Error 4

If these four errors were corrected, we would consider that this piece complies with the minimum standards to be accepted here and thus we would add it to our list. Click here to see the correction as it stands now: PDF

Nevertheless, there are still several possible minor improvements that would make this submission really shine. We'll go through them in detail on the second part of this awesome article.

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