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Here you will find articles, tutorials, videos, links, tips for performing and arranging music and general information about video game music. We hope you see something useful here!

Submissions Reviewed

These articles detail the correction process we followed when we reviewed some of the submissions sent to us by game music arrangers. You should read them to see the quality level we expect in case you wish to submit your own music. And if you don't, read them as well. You won't believe the nitpickiness level we can reach (hint: it's over 9000!).

Act Clear from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 by Hyper_Sonic


Video Game Sheet Music

josh's anime sheet music collection josh's anime sheet music collection
A collection of anime and video game sheet music.

Ichigo's Sheet Music Ichigo's Sheet Music
One of the largest collections of free game and anime sheet music.

Ninty Fresh Ninty Fresh
Wyvern's site dedicated to sheet music from Nintendo video games.

Diricos Sheet Music Diricos Sheet Music
Diricos' site of game music arrangements.

heliumkidd's sheet music heliumkidd's sheet music
heliumkidd's piano arrangements of music from video games.

Sebastian Wolff - Performer·Arranger·Musician Sebastian Wolff - Performer·Arranger·Musician
Sebastian Wolff's (aka GermanSeabass) site. With some sheets.

Kyle Landry Kyle Landry
Kyle Landry's site. Contains some video game sheets.

Laura Intravia: Performer, Composer, Arranger, Teacher Laura Intravia: Performer, Composer, Arranger, Teacher
Laura's personal site. Find here her game music transcriptions.

VGVirtuoso VGVirtuoso
A video game sheet music resource for all instruments.

NinSheetMusic NinSheetMusic
A big collection of Nintendo sheet music for piano.

ApolloMix ApolloMix
Video game sheet music community with downloads.

Mario Piano Sheet Music Mario Piano Sheet Music
Sheet music from the game Super Mario Bros.

Daniel Brown's Nintendo on piano Daniel Brown's Nintendo on piano
Daniel Brown's Nintendo music arrangements.

Brian Auyeung's Video Game Sheet Music Brian Auyeung's Video Game Sheet Music
Possibly the first video game sheet music site ever.

Video Game Music Audio

Video Game Music Archive Video Game Music Archive
The site with the best video game music MIDI files.

The largest catalogue of video game music albums you can find.

OverClocked ReMix OverClocked ReMix
Amazing video game music remixes await you here.

Zelda Reorchestrated Zelda Reorchestrated
Find out how Zelda music sounds when played by an orchestra.

Have you got a website about video game music? Contact us at and we'll add it to this list if we like it!

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