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Neo Geo (NG) Sheet Music

Neo Geo

With possibly the best hardware of the 16-bit generation, the Neo Geo was a step ahead of the competition. Not in vain was it marketed as a 24-bit console. However, it never reached mainstream adoption due to its huge retail price and the lack of games in comparison with Nintendo's and Sega's boxes. Nevertheless, it had a strong cult of dedicated gamers that enjoyed the games it had, such as Metal Slug. Many Neo Geo games were direct ports of its arcade counterparts, so it's very possible that you've played them, even if you've never touched a Neo Geo!

In this page you can download sheet music from NG games in PDF format as well as an MP3 file which plays the arrangement. Click on the name of the theme if you want to visit its individual page, where you may find more material and information about it. If you are having problems downloading or opening the files, please visit this link: How to Use this Website.

Metal Slug

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