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Sega Saturn (SS) Sheet Music

Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn might not have been a successful console in terms of sales, but it received several jewels during its lifetime and was one the first consoles to use Compact Discs. When the CD was adopted as a medium for distributing video games, game audio quality increased dramatically. Until then, composers had to deal with cartridges with at most four megabytes of space for the full game (including its music!). This meant they couldn't create long pieces of harmonically complex music because it wouldn't fit on so little memory. But now they had about 700 megabytes at their disposal! Thanks to this, they could compose without limits. This fact brought into the industry many new composers eager to compose music for games without restrictions. Just like the games, which now were on 3D and aimed for realistic graphics, the approach to composing music became more cinematic. Thus game music as a genre with distinctive features (simplicity, catchy melody, melody over harmony, chiptune sound) began to dwindle and became more a category than a genre. Sadly.

In this page you can download sheet music from SS games in PDF format as well as an MP3 file which plays the arrangement. Click on the name of the theme if you want to visit its individual page, where you may find more material and information about it. If you are having problems downloading or opening the files, please visit this link: How to Use this Website.

NiGHTS into Dream

Gate of Your Dream Download mp3 Download pdf

Soft Museum Download mp3 Download pdf

Splash Garden Download mp3 Download pdf

Twin Seeds Download mp3 Download pdf

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