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Are you a video game music arranger too? Would you like to show your works to the community? You'll make the world a better place, allow people with limited musical knowledge to enjoy video game music on their own instrument and receive amazing 1nt3rn3t f4m3!!!!!11

Here are our Submission Rules, which describe all you need to know with respect to how submissions work at Game Music Themes. If you have any doubt please let us know.

Submission Rules

  1. By submitting your works to this site, you are agreeing to our Submission Agreement; please read it now if you haven't done it yet.

  2. Submissions must consist of (at least) a PDF format file containing your musical arrangement. In addition, you may also submit the following material related to your arrangement:

    • Another PDF file with the same arrangement, including suggested fingering and/or other anotations.
    • A MIDI file of the music, optimized for Synthesia or not.
    • An MP3 file or a link to a music-only video of the music.
    • The original file you created with the scorewriter you use (SIB, MUS, MSCX...).
    • An XML file with the MusicXML information of the piece.
    • A link to a video performance of the piece.
    • Some text or information about your arrangement, such as tips for playing it.
    • A link to a video with video game footage including the moment the arranged theme is heard.
    • A .synthesia file that contains extra information useful to Synthesia.
    • Mid- to low-quality JPG or PNG images to see a fast preview of your arrangement.

  3. Submissions must have a file name format like this one:


    For example, a MIDI file of the Overworld Theme from the game Super Mario Bros 2 created by somebody called Awesome Arranger would be named:


    If the game music you arranged hasn't got an official name, please choose a representative name for it.

  4. Your submission must be your own, original arrangement. Don't submit on behalf of others.

  5. Your arrangement must be about music from any video, computer, or arcade game, with the following qualifications:

    • The music must have actually been used in the game; a bonus track off a commercial game soundtrack does not qualify.
    • The music must have been composed specifically for the game or first published (or recognized) as the game's soundtrack. Movie themes such as those from Disney films that also appear on Disney video games or licensed songs from games like Grand Theft Auto, Dance Dance Revolution or Elite Beat Agents do not qualify.
    • Sound effects and short motifs are OK to arrange if they are composed by musical notes. However, since they are usually very short, you should arrange a compilation of these. We won't accept sheet music containing only a couple of bars.
    • Music from games that are shareware, freeware, or personal projects may or may not be accepted at our discretion. We strongly recommend arranging music from commercial releases to avoid any problems.
    • Submissions incorporating more than one source, like medleys, are allowed. However, they must have a strong focus and direction; we won't like them if they sound like a bunch of songs pasted together.

  6. Arrangements that either focus on sounding exactly like the source music or transport it to a different genre are acceptable. We only accept arrangements for piano at the moment.

  7. If we already have an arrangement for a certain music, you may still submit another for the same exact theme. However, it will have to be substantially different to the one we already have in order to be accepted.

  8. Arrangements must be cleanly and clearly produced. Use margins. Space the elements correctly. Avoid overlapping between elements. Try to use this (A4) format to place the title and other elements on the arrangement. Please don't forget to include a link to this website; it serves as a way to prove us that you are the real arranger of the work you are submitting.

  9. Arrangements must follow basic musical rules for writing music and chord harmonization, be playable and easily readable.

  10. Send only one arrangement (and its additional material) per email. Multiple submissions on the same email will not be evaluated.

  11. Ensure that submissions are final, polished works: once posted, they cannot be revised.

  12. Do not host your submission on a temporary storage site where it might expire before it is evaluated. In the event that you cannot host your file, send your submission as an email attachment.

  13. Send your arrangement to, including on the subject of the email the word "Submission". Include in your email:

    • The PDF file and any additional material, attached or as an external link.
    • Name of the theme: how is the theme called?
    • Game where it appears: in what video or computer game is the theme used? If it's used in several games, please find out in which one was the first time it could be heard.
    • System: in what video game or computer system was published the game? If it's a multiplatform game, indicate the most popular platforms the game could be played on.
    • Link to source music: include a link to a YouTube video or any other website where we can listen to the theme, or attach an MP3.
    • What piano performance level your arrangement is aimed at: beginner, intermediate or advanced; or for music students in their (1-10)th year of piano studies.
    • Your own comments about your work, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made or any other information you'd like to add.

  14. If you consider that you have something that would fit very well with the content available on this website, like a compilation of variations or a full album of arrangements, even if they don't meet all the requirements described above, send it to us as well.

  15. If your work is accepted, it will be distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License unless you explicitly ask us to use a different license.

Thanks for your submission! Working together, we can create the greatest collection of video game sheet music and fan arrangements of the web! :)

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