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Game Music Themes gives you and thousands of other people every day the possibility to learn how to play your favourite video game music themes by providing high quality sheet music available for download, free of charge. If you are having a great time playing our arrangements and appreciate the work we've put into making them, please take a couple of minutes of your time and help us reach more people or increase our resources. Thanks! :)

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  • Submit your sheet music: in Game Music Themes we strive to have the greatest collection of professional-quality video game sheet music of the web. We take very seriously the task of arranging a piece so as you can read it easily. Our arrangements may be fan-made, but that doesn't mean they don't match the standards of official products. If you are a like-minded arranger and wish to help us grow our collection, you can submit your works to this website. Click here to read the rules.

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  • Hire us to make a musical arrangement for you: when donations and other stuff aren't enough to cover our hosting costs, we pay them ourselves. By hiring us you'll be indirectly helping with this web's running expenses. Although we do take requests, we don't always end up fulfilling them. They simply are too many! If you want to assure yourself that your request gets done, you should hire us to make it for you. Read more here.

    Request sheet music!

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